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I currently live in the Upstate of South Carolina.
Currently working as a logistics supervisor.
In my free time I love being outdoors hiking, hunting, fishing and photography.
I also love working out, mainly bodybuilding and weightlifting.
I joined FLA when I was trying to get healthier and lose weight at 56 years old.
Chasity was always there encouraging me to achieve my goals. She also helped me with my confidence and mindset to see what I could accomplish.
I soon found that I wanted to help others with their goals and do what I could to help them achieve them.

  • What made you want to be a part of FLA?
    I am in the tribe just like everyone else. I am going after my goals and living the lifestyle going after my dreams.
  • What got you into fitness?
    I was a gymnast at 18 months … so my parents got me into fitness. My mom was an aerobics instructor and my dad was a professional boxer. i think it was just always in my blood and there was never going to be another way. I grew up in a gym because my mom owned one and taught 5-7 aerobics classes a day.
  • What's your biggest achievement?
    Definitely making the Crossfit Games as a masters athlete in 2018 – I was really proud of making it to regionals as well as an individual two years before that and being 9th in the region. Mentally I was very proud to finish college early and getting my Bachelors in 3.5 years.
  • I love to _________.
    Sing and Dance. I was singing solo on stage at church for the first time at age 3. I have. honestly always had performance inside me and always loved singing and speaking.
  • What is your favorite food?
    Wow, I love food!!! I love brownies – but they need to be box brownies and made in a muffin tin and crispy on the outside and made with 2 eggs so they are fudgy and of course I would love it if the calories didn’t count so I can eat the whole box.
  • Favorite 1st Phorm Supplements?
    Full Mega – “This is a game changer for me with the fact that I eat zero wild caught fatty fish because I am so busy and how much inflammation is in my body from daily stress of my busy life. I am thankful to have this hole filled daily” Opti Greens – “Gut health is tied to fat loss and personally with my background this product really made a difference for me adding it daily” Vanilla Milkshake Level 1 – “I struggle getting in enough protein and this is the best tasting shake I have ever tried. I have one of these every single day no matter what which helps me reach my numbers but also just makes me smile like I am having a milkshake”
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