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Hey guys! I am Emma – I’m a midwestern gym owner, wife & mama (to a son and 2 pups). I’m a hella competitive meathead hippie that loves CrossFit, coffee, good local food & Jesus. I strive to be relentlessly honest and authentic at all costs. My passion in life is to help others rise up to their true potential through empowering, educating and coaching. After spending some years owning and running my own nutrition business, I decided to dissolve it and team up with Chasity to help people change their lives – together. It’s a heck of a lot more fun being a part of a tribe of like-minded coaches & clients vs. doing this alone. And coaching within the Fearlessly Authentic Movement is exactly where God led me to be.


Bachelor of Science - Health Promotion & Wellness

CF Level -2

NCI - Level 1

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